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Why Us?

Why outsource?

EHRs are making it easier and easier for providers to submit their own billing. Unfortunately it’s not as easy for providers to find their front end rejections and denials. How often do providers see that their claim was rejected due to a recently changed ICD-10 or CPT code, a wrong birth date entered, a transposed ID number, etc? There are a lot of providers with unpaid revenue just sitting out there due to these issues.

At OMMB, we see front end rejections immediately which allows us to instantly fix the issue and get the money in your pocket ASAP.

As appealing as it seems to do your own billing for “free,” it really isn’t free due to the money you’re losing. You could also hire an in-office biller, but outsourcing to OMMB will cost you a fraction of an employee.

We make the billing process as simple as possible so that your time can be spent where it's supposed to be... with your clients! We tailor to you so that you can submit your billing to us however and whenever you'd like.

We offer unlimited support to our clients. Our clients are provided with the owner's direct cell phone number to call or text with any questions or concerns.

We know you work hard for your money, so we work hard to make sure you receive every penny as quickly as possible. 

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