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You'll be in the money with on the Money! 

Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of customer service and support while maintaining highly competitive pricing. At On the Money Medical Billing, we believe you should not have to sacrifice quality to get a good deal.

What our customers are saying

OMMB has been the single most essential part of the success of my private practice, and I would highly recommend them to either an established practice, and even more so to that clinician out there who has just felt too intimidated by the 3rd party complexities to jump into becoming an independent practitioner, OMMB will make all the difference!

-Gabriela Ahlstrom, LMSW

Who We Are

At On the Money Medical Billing, we use our eleven years in business to offer the best services at a very reasonable price. Our courteous staff has the tools and experience necessary to not only submit your claims, but maximize your income. We aggressively follow up on all claims, as well as keep current on the latest codes and insurance maximums. This assures every claim is paid on time and assures that you are collecting the most for your hard work. Contact us today and learn more about what we have to offer.

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